Many people question whether driving an electric vehicle is better than driving a gas-powered car. While the driving experience of both is similar, many people mistakenly assume that EVs aren’t as fast as gas-powered vehicles. That isn’t true. Electric vehicles have plenty of speed for everyday use. Listed below are some of the advantages of driving an EV. Let’s compare the differences between gas-powered and electric vehicles.

While electric vehicles tend to have a higher up-front price, their cost of operation is substantially lower. According to a study by 2020 Consumer Reports, EV owners spend 60% less money on fuel than drivers of conventional internal combustion engine vehicles. However, this study took into account average use of commercial charging stations, which can cost up to 2 times as much as charging at home. The total cost per charging session ranged from $10 to 45.

One drawback of electric cars is their charging time. The average EV can travel up to 200 miles on a single charge. But most electric vehicles take longer to recharge. Some can charge 80 percent of their energy in 20 minutes. Charging speeds also vary from charger to charger. The fast-charging capabilities are rapidly expanding across the country. EV drivers without a home charger can still benefit from the fuel savings of an EV.

Cost of fuel is only one aspect of the overall vehicle ownership cost. Other expenses include engine maintenance, which can be a significant money-sink over time. Transmission fluid, oil changes, brakes, and belts are just a few of the common expenses associated with vehicle ownership. Both types require automobile insurance, as well as tire changes and structural repairs. Moreover, the cost of repair can be higher on electric vehicles.

Another major benefit of electric vehicles is their low cost of operation. Compared to gas-powered cars, electric vehicles require less maintenance. They require less oil changes and don’t have mechanical components to replace. These benefits can save drivers hundreds of dollars every year. Furthermore, some people report that driving an electric car is more enjoyable than driving a gas-powered vehicle. This is just one of the many reasons why electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular.

While the EV is not the cheapest option, the cost of fuel and the cost of electricity can add up. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that EVs can save up to $14,480 per year, compared to driving a gas-powered vehicle. Additionally, EV owners won’t need to spend on oil changes and new air filters. Ultimately, this could be the best choice for you.

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