If you have always wanted a custom Jeep truck, you can have it modified to your liking at SoFlo Jeeps in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This company specializes in modifying the frames of Jeep trucks. It also offers a custom hood and bed. The company uses proprietary molds to make the modifications. The result is a truck with plenty of horsepower.

The first modification you should consider is getting larger tires. Some Jeeps can only handle 35-inch tires. To install a larger tire, you will have to swap the axle. But don’t worry; this modification will not hurt your truck’s handling. You can also add a custom roof and doors.

Adding a winch to your Jeep truck can be a good idea for those who like to travel alone. Although an electric winch won’t make your Jeep unstoppable, it can help you get out of tight spots and get home safely. For most Jeep models, the front bumper is near-winch-ready, but you’ll need an aftermarket winch plate on Sport and Overland models.

Another mod you might want to install is a snorkel on the passenger side of the hood. This will help keep it dry when you are on a trail. It will also give your Jeep the look of an off-road vehicle. Adding this modification will make your Jeep much more difficult to hit with objects that may be on the trail.

If you want a truck that looks good on the street, then you can find a truck with a flared fender. This will give it a distinct look that will definitely turn heads. In the early 1970s, Jeep pickups used a Buick 350 cu in Dauntless V8 engine that produced 230 horsepower. American Motors Corporation bought Kaiser’s Jeep operations in 1970. Since then, Jeep trucks were equipped with all-AMC engines.

Jeep’s Gladiator pickups are another popular choice for custom modifications. They are not just for show, but also for everyday use. The Gladiator is a versatile truck that can withstand rough terrain. Adding a bed and other add-on accessories is another popular way to customize a Gladiator.

Another popular modification is a tonneau cover. These can be made of hard polymer or painted aluminum. They protect your cargo while still providing easy access to the truck bed. Moreover, tonneau covers are easy to install, usually requiring no drilling. The covers are usually able to be secured to your truck’s body with the help of attachment clamps.

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