To be seen as an icon, a car must be visually appealing and have gained widespread acceptance within the public’s consciousness. This can be accomplished through various factors.

There are many iconic cars designed by renowned designers that have endured through time. We’ve compiled a list of the best ones for your enjoyment.

1. Countach

The Lamborghini Countach is one of the most iconic car designs ever, designed by Marcello Gandini (known for creating both Miura and Espada models) as a ‘wedge’-shaped supercar that prioritized performance over aesthetics. With its signature red exterior, this supercar quickly gained notoriety among car enthusiasts worldwide.

The Countach is powered by a V12 engine that delivers both power and speed. It makes an excellent driver’s car with plenty of low-down torque and an engine just as impressive at higher revs.

2. Miura

The Miura was an iconic design that revolutionized automobiles and set the bar for modern supercars. Conceived by Marcello Gandini, it was Ferrari’s response to their focus on sports cars and motorsport.

It’s incredible that the Miura is still around today, considering how unique it looks from everything else on the road. While it remains an enjoyable car to drive, its thrill factor has waned over time. Still, driving it today still provides plenty of enjoyment – though perhaps not quite at its former level of excitement!

3. Lago

One of the most iconic automobiles ever is the Lago, featuring a gyroscopic rotor that spins at an incredible 240 miles per hour. Additionally, its unique patented aerodynamic design has made it one of the most sought-after vehicles ever created.

Talbot-Lago was the first car to feature a Wilson preselector four-speed gearbox with an innovative notch-shaped clutch, providing its drivers with an invaluable advantage and ultimately leading them to victory in several races.

4. Viper

Initially conceived as a concept car to honor the Shelby Cobra era, the Viper is instantly recognizable thanks to its swoopy body and distinctive eye headlights. Other cars will surely be left in awe at its design!

As its name implies, the Dodge Viper is an impressive machine that will certainly turn heads. However, it’s surprisingly easy to drive for a car of this size; however, remember that this beast of a vehicle can be quite wild so take caution when driving it.

5. DB5

The iconic and legendary DB5 car design made headlines worldwide when it featured in James Bond movies Goldfinger, Thunderball and GoldenEye. These vehicles were equipped with an array of spy gadgets that made them the ideal 007’s personal transport.

These cars also featured oil spray, a bullet-proof rear shield, rotating number plates, gun tray under the driver’s seat, tire slashers and an ejector seat with control button hidden within a gear knob. Thankfully, these cars have been replaced with replicas built to the exact same specifications.

6. E-type

The E-type has become iconic with the 1960s era. Its sensuous design pays homage to that era, with proportions and curved lines that avoid gimmicks or sharp angles.

Its independent front and rear suspension was an ingenious engineering feat that also saved weight. Furthermore, its XK engine – a specially developed straight six used in Jaguar’s racing D-type – proved unbreakable.

The E-type is an outstanding driver’s car. Its small diameter spring-spoked steering wheel works in combination with rack and pinion steering to provide superb feel and directional stability at high speeds.

7. SSK

SSK stands for “slip, slip, knit.” It’s a left-leaning knitting decrease that reduces two stitches to one stitch by slip-sliding them knitwise and then knitting them together through the back loops.

Knitters love the SSK for its symmetrical decrease that looks good in any fabric. It often pairs well with K2tog decreases, which lean to the right.

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