Car reviews provide potential buyers with a useful tool for understanding what a particular vehicle will be like in their daily lives, while providing dealerships with valuable customer insights.

While most car review sites are heavily influenced by manufacturers, a few remain independent; such as consumer organizations and valuation companies such as the RAC.


Motor Trend, first published by Peterson Publishing Company of Los Angeles in September 1949, soon became well-known for its road tests which helped readers better understand the performance aspects of new vehicles.

At Warner Bros. Discovery, MotorTrend is part of an impressive automotive media portfolio, including TV’s #1 automotive channel MOTOR TREND TV as well as digital properties like MotorTrend YouTube Channel and MotorTrend+ streaming service. Furthermore, MotorTrend hosts 160+ hours of MECUM AUCTION live coverage annually as well as fan favorites such as Texas Metal, Bitchin’ Rides IRON Ressurrection & Four Wheeler that are also found here.


Autogefuhl from YouTube takes an in-depth look at the best mid-sized SUVs of 2020 in this three-hour review video. Make yourself comfortable, grab some refreshments, and let’s begin!

Autogefuhl was impressed by the Polestar 2, yet found it had some flaws he wasn’t fond of – specifically that you must hold down on the brake pedal to operate its electric steering wheel or Falcon Wing doors.

The BMW M550i xDrive is the flagship model of its 5-Series lineup and should perform admirably, yet does it live up to expectations in terms of driving pleasure? Autogefuhl takes an in-depth look at it in order to answer that question.


Edmunds has long been recognized as an invaluable car-buying resource since 1966. Offering in-depth expert car reviews and rankings to both automotive enthusiasts and novice buyers alike, along with competitive pricing guides, appraisal tools, negotiation insights for each listing and helpful negotiation insights – Edmunds also helps owners sell their vehicles by comparing similar cars in their area and offering higher offers than Kelley Blue Book; though some consumers complain about Edmunds sharing their phone number with local dealers in order to make offers.

Its wealth of information helps build trust among users – an increasingly rare commodity online. Furthermore, the site offers comprehensive financing advice – an indispensable feature for shoppers hoping to avoid bad deals.

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