Whether you’re looking to make driving more comfortable, fun, or safe, there are many car accessories that can help. From a device that boosts your cell signal to a heads-up display gadget, here are some of the best car accessories to enhance your driving experience.

Many car accessories can be purchased at local auto stores or online retailers. However, some of them, like roof racks and sound systems, may need professional installation.

1. Portable Jump Starter

Getting stranded with a dead car battery is inconvenient and potentially dangerous. You can avoid such a nightmare scenario by acquiring a portable jump starter. These powerful lithium-based devices resemble portable power banks but have a 12-volt port to which special booster cables connect.

The internal lithium-ion battery provides enough cranking power to start a car with a dead battery. Smaller models resemble the size of a smartphone and can be easily stowed in your glove box or trunk. Larger booster packs look more like a toolbox and can include useful features such as an air compressor to inflate flat tires, USB charging ports, and supplemental lighting.

2. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Keeping the proper tire pressure in your car’s tires is critical for safety, ride quality, and fuel efficiency. A reliable tire gauge takes the guesswork out of this routine maintenance task and helps you save money on gas by preventing overinflation.

Analog gauges have a clocklike face with a needle that points to the recommended psi, and they’re compact and easy to use. They typically don’t require batteries and often include features such as a bleeder valve for deflating your tires.

Stick-type gauges resemble a pen and are simple, compact, and cheap. Some have a light that glows in the dark for easier reading in low-light conditions.

3. Dash Cam

From easy-to-install classics like car seat warmers to high-tech gadgets you didn’t know you needed like Amazon Alexa-powered devices for your vehicle, these cool accessories are sure to have you screaming “genius!”

A dashboard camera is one of the best road trip essentials. These compact cameras record the road ahead and behind, providing valuable evidence in the event of an accident. For a simple front-facing dash cam, check out the Viofo A119 Mini 2. For a dual-camera system that also records while your car is parked, consider the WOLFBOX Double SONY. This model has a large screen, GPS support and voice control for ultimate convenience.

4. Bluetooth Car Kit

A Bluetooth car kit lets you make hands-free calls and stream music in your vehicle. They’re easy to set up and work with most cars. They also have dual noise canceling mics for clear and crisp calls.

This Bluetooth 5.3 transmitter plugs into your car’s 12v socket and connects to your stereo via an AUX cable. It supports voice recognition in multiple languages and has a 22-hour battery life.

This bluetooth transmitter is great for older vehicles, offering a stable Bluetooth connection that links efficiently. It has one-button activation for voice commands with Siri or Google Assistant and offers clear, loud sound quality for safer driving.

5. Car Chargers & Adapters

A good car charger is a must for anyone who regularly commutes or takes road trips. It can ensure that your phone never dies while you’re on the go and that you’ll have a battery to last all the way to your destination.

This dual USB car charger has two high-wattage ports, providing a fast charge for your devices. Its sleek design is perfect for modern cars and is compatible with a range of smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

It also supports PD and QC charging technologies, which can speed up the charging process by up to four times. A handy LED light illuminates when plugged in, making it easy to locate and use.

6. Bluetooth Headset

Whether you’re changing the song, following Google Maps or taking a call, this car gadget lets you do it safely and with minimal distraction. It clamps onto your vent, so it’s at eye level and keeps your eyes on the road.

Unlike headphones, headsets feature dedicated controls to accept/hang up and change the volume, and they also have longer battery life. Plus, they’re easy to find in your purse or pocket when you need them.

This gadget is perfect for long haul truck drivers, but it’s great for anyone who’s on the go. It diagnoses over 3000 generic error codes, so you can save money by troubleshooting your own problems before heading to a shop.

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