There’s something truly magical about planning an epic road trip on two wheels. Whether you’re riding solo or joining in as a pillion, there are few experiences as rewarding and fulfilling.

Explore some of the most famous motorcycle routes around the world. From stunning mountain roads to fairy-tale cities, these tours are sure to satisfy your need for speed and adventure.

1. Route 66

The 2,000-mile Route 66 (also known as “The Mother Road”) is still a lure for motorcyclists. It features classic neon, motels and larger-than-life roadside attractions that capture the spirit of Americana.

Many group and guided tours of Route 66 are available. These are particularly suited to foreign travelers who don’t speak much English, those who feel uncomfortable traveling independently or for people unable to rent a motorcycle.

In Oklahoma, Route 66 is especially well-preserved and offers art deco gems in Tulsa, the 1922 carousel that inspired Tow Mater in the film Easy Rider and other Route 66 highlights. The best time to visit Route 66 is spring and summer when the weather is warm. Plan to spend at least two weeks driving Route 66 to see the major sites.

2. Mount Rushmore

In addition to a state of the art visitor center and museum, there are numerous tours, exhibits and interpretive programs. Families with children can take advantage of the Junior Ranger program.

Borglum chose the site of Mount Rushmore for several reasons. The granite was suitable for carving, the location was accessible by road and it faced southeast so the presidents would be illuminated in sunlight throughout the day.

In the heart of South Dakota’s Black Hills, a maze of spires, pinnacles and canyons, visitors will discover not only America’s past but also its future. The monument represents the ideals of freedom and democracy to people from all over the world. It is the legacy of Gutzon Borglum and a vision for the future of our nation.

3. Route 66 – USA

Whether you want to rent a motorcycle and explore Route 66 or drive in comfort in a luxury SUV, there are plenty of options for accommodation along the way. You can find hotels, motels, campgrounds, RV parks, and B&Bs that will fit any budget.

The iconic roadside attractions found on Route 66 are worth visiting, especially those in California. From the glass forest at Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch to the neon signs of Roy’s Motel and Cafe, you won’t be disappointed.

The best time to visit Route 66 is from spring through autumn, although you will need to be prepared for the cold temperatures of winter in northern states. This is also when many of the smaller Route 66 attractions are closed or have reduced hours.

4. Route 66 – Canada

Although there are plenty of amazing road trip options within Canada, few are as iconic as Route 66. This famous highway runs from the Pacific Coast to California’s Santa Monica Pier, and is peppered with signs, kitschy souvenirs, and a whole host of attractions.

Plan to travel during spring, summer or fall for the best weather and fewer crowds. Avoid the months of July and August, as this is peak travel time on Route 66 and you can expect sweltering temperatures, over-crowded attractions, and higher prices for lodging.

Rent a motorcycle for your self-drive tour and enjoy the wind in your hair as you sing along to “Get Your Kicks on Route 66.” Or, take a guided tour that includes your bike rental and hotel reservations.

5. Route 66 – Mexico

A trip along Route 66 takes travelers through a range of landscapes from the prairie and the canyons of the Southwest to California’s desert ghost towns. Its iconic roadside attractions include the glass forest at Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch and a visit to the famous neon sign at Roy’s Motel and Cafe.

In New Mexico, the route dips and curves across arid rangeland and mesas past railroad towns, tribal communities, National Monuments and old adobe villages. Visitors should make sure to see the reconstructed Rio Puerco Bridge in Albuquerque and the Old Town neighborhood where 300 years of architecture and culture can be discovered, including the infamous Cline’s Corner, which still sells all manner of Route 66 souvenirs.

The best time to travel Route 66 is from early May to late September. This is when you will find the best weather conditions and most attractions are open.

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