The automotive industry is constantly in a state of flux and there are many different ways to keep up with the latest news. There are many different news sources, but there are a few that are particularly good at reporting on the latest news in the industry. For example, Torque News focuses on the latest auto news and features world-class auto journalists with years of experience in reporting on car news. They also take the time to review the latest cars and provide unique perspectives on the news surrounding cars.

The Automotive News website is one of the best resources for those in the industry. The site provides a wealth of information on cars, dealers, OEM/supplier companies, and industry events. It also covers the latest technology and government regulations that are important to the industry. This site is an excellent source of information for people in the industry, as it is one of the most popular sites for breaking news in the industry. In addition, its articles and videos are frequently updated, allowing you to see the latest developments in the automotive industry before they become headline news.

The Automotive News is part of the Crain Communications group and is published in Detroit, Michigan. Editor-in-chief Keith E. Crain and the Chairman of the Board of Crain Communications own the newspaper. Longtime publisher Jason Stein will step down in 2021. The newspaper also publishes a German publication called Automobilwoche, which is published twice a month on Mondays and has a circulation of 15,000 copies. Other publications under this umbrella include Automotive IT and Automotive News Canada.

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