When planning an auto show, you should have an idea of the type of cars you are going to exhibit. You can include a few cars that are unique to your company and you can have a representative from your dealership stand to help you out with questions about the car. Many shows also have booth reps from local dealerships that will help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Often, you can grab a business card from one of these people and follow up with them after the show. Most shows have computer kiosks with touchscreens to give visitors more information about the vehicles. These touchscreens often have configuration capabilities and pricing information.

If your company wants to reach the highest number of consumers possible, you should consider including an interactive wheel stand at the auto show. This will allow consumers to get a full view of the different models and trim levels of each vehicle. At the same time, the interactive wheel stand will also provide a way to collect pertinent consumer data via forms, contests, and CTAs. These interactive wheel stands provide a central portal for targeted engagement.

GAC Fiat emphasizes auto show and promotion as a key part of its marketing strategy. Its sales volume increased more than sevenfold compared to last year’s auto show and 150% compared to other auto shows in China. In addition to that, it has dramatically improved its brand image and cultivated a large customer base. Currently, the auto show in Beijing features more than one hundred dealer shops and 270 service outlets. In addition, the company plans to open even more dealerships in the country by the end of this year.

An auto show is an essential component of an OEM brand’s calendar. It provides a unique opportunity to engage with consumers. In today’s world, auto brands often rely on disconnected tools and agency partners that don’t have the time to produce results. By incorporating innovative marketing tactics and a more immersive consumer experience, auto brands can increase ROI. These marketing tactics are proven to bring results. So, how do you make an automotive show more effective?

You may want to participate in a car show in your area. There are many benefits to attending one. These events are free and you can experience many vehicles and find a perfect one to suit your needs. There are many events that take place at an auto show. A good example of one is a Twin Cities Auto Show. This event offers attendees a chance to compare new and used vehicles, as well as the latest models from major automakers.

If you’re attending an auto show, you’ll find lots of incentives for new cars and other vehicles. The automakers often offer special incentives to coincide with the show, and you don’t have to attend the show to take advantage of the benefits. There are also a variety of incentives available to current auto buyers and a loyal local can save up to $1,000 on their next purchase. These promotions are especially valuable for first-time car buyers.

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