Vehicles equipped with big wheels and oversized tires allow us to access areas inaccessible to tour buses, mini-vans or cars. Furthermore, we can bring food and drinks for an extended hike on the trail.

Before undertaking an off-road expedition, it’s essential that you honestly assess both your vehicle’s capabilities and skill sets – while keeping in mind that conditions may change quickly.


Iceland’s vast wilderness provides an exciting off-road experience suitable for adventurers of all skill levels. With 80% of the country being unpopulated, there’s ample room for exploration – whether driving yourself in a super jeep or having one chauffeured around by a guide – across terrain that ranges from lava fields and black sand beaches to gravel roads and river crossings.

Make sure to respect the delicate ecosystems. Avoid disturbing the thick carpet of moss that covers much of the landscape – its growth takes years and serves an invaluable function in preventing soil erosion while conserving water and humidity levels.

Discover untouched beauty in Icelandic highlands via a 4×4 self drive tour, traversing winding roads with stunning vistas. Or let a local guide take you on a tailored experience through parts of Iceland rarely visited, such as Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon, Thorsmork Glacial Valley and Vatnajokull Glacier and Strokkur Geyser.


Morocco holds an alluring allure for travellers seeking adventure. Boasting stunning mountainous landscapes, rugged coastlines, and vast sandy deserts – Morocco makes an excellent setting for overland exploration!

Experience an unforgettable sunrise hot-air balloon ride from Marrakech and see its mountains and desert valleys from above – this outdoor adventure will undoubtedly become one of the highlights of your visit.

Experience Morocco’s mountainous terrain on ATV quad biking tours through its desert countryside outside Marrakech. These automatic ATVs are easy to operate with an experienced guide providing assistance, making this half day activity an excellent outdoor adventure!


Explore the beauty and wonders of Tunisia like never before with an overnight Sahara desert experience from Douz! Ride a camel and wildlife-spot along its dunes!

Explore southern Tunisia on this private four-day tour, complete with driver and Wi-Fi-equipped vehicle for transfers. Discover Carthage’s historic ruins as well as traditional Ksar Ghilane oasis for an immersive experience of this captivating area.

Set out on an exciting Tunisian desert sand dune adventure aboard a powerful off-road buggy for an exhilarating ride through its vast ocher-fine dunes in an off-road buggy, driving across some of its most iconic sites such as Chebika, Mides, Tamerza and Djebel Dahar oases.


Explore mountainous Greece on a 4×4 expedition through lush rivers and traditional stone villages. Witness first-hand how this country blends the cultures of Europe, Middle East and Asia through its wildlife, flora, culture and ecosystems.

With so many off-road trails available to explore in Crete, Pindos and Macedonia or Vikos Aoos and Tzoumerka national parks – be it for weekend trips or multi-day journeys – you are bound to find your perfect adventure! These picturesque landscapes feature unspoiled forests and stone villages surrounding crystal clear lakes and rivers for you to experience unforgettable adventures!

Leave the crowds behind and step off the beaten track on an exciting hiking expedition or river trekking/rafting expedition on the Voidomatis and Arachthos rivers, visit a medieval monastery set atop a high sandstone cliff, taste traditional local cuisine, camp out in nature and meet new friends while taking unforgettable photographs – this is Greece at its core, off the beaten track!

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