In a multi-year business plan, an Auto Parts company will determine its market share and sales volume. This strategy should include a current marketing situation analysis, background information on the automotive market, competition, distribution, and macro-environment, as well as an opportunity and issue analysis of key product and market factors. The plan should also identify the objectives of the company. Among them are sales volume, market share, and profit.

In today’s highly connected world, the lines between offline and online shopping are beginning to blur. Consumers, even those who visit brick-and-mortar stores, often research products and stores online. In fact, over 25 percent of automotive searches are made online, including spares, maintenance activities, and services. These consumers make purchases and take action. As a result, it is crucial to create an effective Internet strategy for auto parts retailers.

A successful Auto Parts marketing strategy will include optimizing a website for SEO and the shopper experience. While the challenges of automotive SEO are unique, there are some general marketing principles that can prove to be effective. For instance, a website design should be easily crawled and indexed. Additionally, content should include product details relevant to the searcher. To reach the right audience, a strategy should focus on search. By doing this, a company can increase sales through the power of search.

While an internal marketing department is ideal, many dealerships do not have the resources or expertise to market parts effectively. In these cases, an outside marketing agency is the best option. These agencies specialize in parts marketing and will deliver a high return on investment for their clients. An outside agency such as RevolutionParts Marketing Services will help dealerships increase their revenue by 87.5 percent for every dollar spent on advertising. A deliberate effort and innovation from your team is key to growing sales in the Auto Parts department.

While an auto dealership website can sell parts online, it cannot compete with Amazon or eBay. Instead, it can integrate with marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. An expert in auto parts sales on Amazon and eBay is OEM Interactive, which offers a suite of marketplace services. By integrating these platforms, OEM Interactive can reach a wider audience. With their extensive experience in selling on Amazon and eBay, OEM Interactive can help auto dealerships compete on Amazon and eBay.

An effective Auto Parts market strategy should also include a comprehensive after-sales support strategy. After-sales support is one of the key sources of competitive advantage and provides a low-risk revenue stream over the life of the asset. After-sales services can help manufacturers increase sales and cross-sell to existing customers. Additionally, companies can also leverage their existing customer base through cross-selling and up-selling. With these strategies, they can differentiate themselves from their competitors and increase their share of the market.

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